To Uncover Fragments


To Uncover Fragments


A crystal-chiseled rock rim crowns many mountain

peaks of the Rockies. Some say its beauty was born

of a catastrophic upheaval so great that it turned the



world inside out and upside down with salt and sea

and lava and wind running through it for billions of years.

Maybe. It’s a mystery concealed by God; and we humans,



tiny as we are, uncover fragments of it’s truth—atom

by atom. We proclaim our discoveries broadly and declare

ourselves, most likely, the only intelligent life in the universe!



It was an expert Sculptor who spoke the crystal carvings of

the mountain peaks into existence, who bounced the universe

like a ball and breathed life into it. I look at the intricate crystal



cuts on the face of the mountain top and know that He is very

capable of directing the lines of my life, the colors, the goings,

the depths, the height. I breathe the mountain air and relax



in His goodness. The unknown remains unknown. It’s foggy

and often scary, but I am learning to trust.  All of this beauty

thrills me; but Jesus, who has always been, thrills me most.



©Bonnie Saul Wilks

all rights reserved

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