The Brawl That Ended It


A very short children’s allegory about the seasons and life and death…

The Brawl that Ended It

They’re old enemies, Miss Summer Green and Old

Man Timberline.  For thousands of seasons, she’s let him

get away with it!  The swarthy grouch refuses to plow,

seed, and grow on his property, which always lies at the

mountain tops of the highest peaks.  He’s squatted on those

spots forever.  No, Old Man Timberline doesn’t own that land.

He’s stolen it from Master King, the landlord of all the ranges.

His illegal residence brings barrenness, and he’s pretty dug in.

Miss Summer is a lady and walks with gentle feet each season

leaving a fragrant breeze as she blankets the hills and valleys

with green and the meadows with flowers. Brightening the eyes

of all, she is always a welcomed guest.  Miss Summer’s well-mannered too—

never stays longer than she should and leaves the place gorgeous

for Miss Autumn Flame who pays a visit after her.  Miss Flame

turns the landscape to scarlet and gold and prepares the spaces

for Mr. Winter White.  He’s a frosty guy who cleans the bugs out

and strips the place bare for Miss Spring Branch who brings warmth.  It’s

been said about town that the landlord paid a great price to evict Old Man

Timberline—that there was an out-and-out brawl and blood was

shed!  Imagine that!  Come next spring, the song of the bluebird will be

heard throughout the land, declaring that Old Man Timberline is gone.

Miss Summer will climb the barren land to seed and plant—and new life will grow–at the very tippy top too.

©Bonnie Saul Wilks

all rights reserved

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