He Delights in Knowing



He Delights in Knowing


Scoffers throw their heads back and roll their eyes when the weak

of this world, who need spiritual crutches, speak of the existence of

God and His creation. They out right laugh at the thought, as the



Bible tells us, that the Lord of the Universe counts the hairs on our

heads and knows when a sparrow falls to the earth in death. Such




But the North American Park Ranger knows exactly how many buffalo

roam the open plains of Yellowstone National Park, just how

many big horn sheep climb the red cliffs of Canyonland in Utah.



That Ranger knows the height and depth of the national valleys,

the sources of the rivers, and the number of endangered species.

He can tell you have many bald eagles gave birth last year and



how many antelope play on the range — the annual inches of natural

erosion. Why? The Park Ranger knows because he has been given

stewardship over parts of creation.  It’s his job, but it’s more. He delights in

knowing, in facilitating



within his boundaries, in survival, and in redemption

of the awesome life and land breathing, quaking before him.

Simply, the ranger knows because he cares.



©Bonnie Saul Wilks

all rights reserved

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