Light through Glass…


Yesterday we visited the little mountain village of Omidos. We have been there many, many times over the years; but I still love it… lots of quaint shops, winding, narrow streets, ancient cobble-stone roads, and an Orthodox church. Every village has at least one, maybe two. The one in Omidos is especially beautiful.


Neither of us were raised Catholic or Orthodox, but we have a deep appreciation for what the historic church has brought to our faith.


After a walk around the village, a snack of cashews and honey, we tip-toed into the church to enjoy a few moments of solitude. You don’t have to be Orthodox to feel the reverence in that place. We sat down on the ancient wooden pews and offered silent prayers of praise and petition. We left so refreshed because we just took a moment to acknowledge God.


And as I am writing this, I am reminded that no building, no matter how beautiful or plain is the temple of the living God. I am that temple. And I pray that His light shining through me to the world will be as beautiful, clear, and majestic as the sun beaming through these old stained-glass, church windows.

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  1. instillnessthedancing says:

    I love the colors, the way the light and shadows dance in the glass. How the colors represent diversity … and yet unity because without light there is no color. In him is light … no darkness at all. Many blessings …

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