Light through Glass…

Yesterday we visited the little mountain village of Omidos. We have been there many, many times over the years; but I still love it… lots of quaint shops, winding, narrow streets, ancient cobble-stone roads, and an Orthodox church. Every village has at least one, maybe two. The one in Omidos is especially beautiful. Neither of … More Light through Glass…

Sea or Mountains?

My husband and I are back in our rented house in the Troodos mountains after a few days by the sea in Paphos. It is cold and wet the morning, and I am longing for the warmth of the sun and sea.

Meze Last Night

Yesterday was the most beautiful day we have had in the past week here in the mountains of Cyprus. The sun warmed the house, so we didn’t need to turn the heat on all day. I really enjoyed basking in the light and soaking in some vitamin D. I have been sick with an old-fashioned cold for … More Meze Last Night


It is a cool and crisp early morning in the mountains of Cyprus. The breeze is whipping the curtains, and the sun is pouring over the pine trees in the yard. I inhale the heavy scent of pine. One of the treats of mountain life is the fresh air and pungent odor of evergreens. This … More Morning