Meze Last Night


Yesterday was the most beautiful day we have had in the past week here in the mountains of Cyprus. The sun warmed the house, so we didn’t need to turn the heat on all day. I really enjoyed basking in the light and soaking in some vitamin D. I have been sick with an old-fashioned cold for several days now. It hasn’t slowed me down.

We drove to Limassol–a nearby port city–with dear friends, walked around an upscale area called Columbia Plaza, and stopped later to eat at The Syrian Friendship Club. We enjoyed a Syrian meze. It was incredible–one of the best mezes I have had in the Mid East.

Meze is Greek for “many little dishes.” And it is not unusual in mezes to have 25 vegetarian and meat small dishes before the grilled meat platter arrives. It is so much fun to try new things.

I brought my camera with me but felt so badly that I didn’t take any photos, but the spread was incredible. Funny how I never lose my appetite when I am sick… The abstinence would do me good.

I managed to get a couple of shots at the end of the night when we said good-bye in front of our new home in Trimiklini.


Relationships are what make life sweet and certainly are the best thing about living in community. We loved our conversation last night with these two precious friends.


The two eyes below, shining in the dark, don’t miss them… he is a huge dog. On four legs, this dog is almost as tall as I am. I know you can’t see him. He wagged and wagged his tail as he barked and barked at us when we got out of the car. I loved his two eyes shining in the dark. I’ll get his picture in the day, so you can see how big he is.


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