Favorite Things


I was just a little girl when I first heard Julie Andrews sing, “Favorite Things” in the musical, “The Sound of Music.” I thought I had died and gone to heaven when her lilting soprano voice rang out these words: “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens… ” Everything about that song warmed my heart.

I remember thinking how clever of the songwriter to devote a whole song to someone’s favorite things. I also remember feeling like Julie Andrews owned those “favorite things,” and I had to discover new things to “favoritize.” 

Funny the things we imagine as children…


Well, I am far away from home now and thinking about some of my favorite things as an adult. And I am missing some of them right now.

The above photo shows several things I love at home: my zebra chair that is down-filled, cozy, artsy, and classy all at once. It sits by our big stone fireplace; my brown, cuddly winter robe, my baby goat hair mini-blanket from Ukraine (you can’t believe how warm it is–believe me Ukrainians know how to stay warm), and my dog, Tiki, and my cat, Oreo.


Now Tiki and Oreo are not “favorite things” to each other. In fact, they don’t just tolerate each other; they are extremely jealous and almost hate each other. But they WILL set aside those bad feelings to sit on my lap in the morning, especially in the winter when they are cold. 

What happens is I sit down first, then the dog immediately jumps in my lap and snuggles down for a nap. All the time, I am reading and drinking coffee. Then the cat approaches and circles and circles. He walks away and comes back, trying to decide if he can stand the dog enough to get on my lap. He can’t decide if the concession of “bad feelings” toward the dog is worth the joy of being petted and held by me.

Eventually he concedes and jumps up, but he hisses at the dog a few times before he settles down for nap too. This is just to warn the dog not to get into his half of my lap. This is to alert the dog to the fact that his jumping on my lap has nothing to do with fondness for her, rather for me.

You can see in the photo above the cat is pressing his paws up near my face. He is demanding that I give him more attention than the dog. And the dog is okay with that. He just wants to stay on my lap.

It is so funny and cute.

And I am missing those favorite things from home right now.


Instead I have replaced those things with other favorites like glorious sunsets over the mountains from our veranda…


Trips to the ocean…


Quaint mountain villages…


Hands outstretched to God in worship…


Blossoming almond trees…


Scrumptous middle eastern food…


Good friends, fellowship, and fun…

I am so glad I laid aside my favorite things at home for a time. I would never have discovered my favorite things abroad…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tara says:

    Your capacity for flexibility and change astounds me. You have discovered how to find yourself at home no matter where you are. I admire that very much….among other things…about you, Bonya.

  2. Syble says:

    You’re one of my favorite “things”. Love you and can’t wait ’till next Friday – Shabbat meal with Wayne and Bonnie in Jerusalem. What more could a person ask for??????

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