…is a fancy word for the fusion of two photos. The art has been around for many years, but a couple of gals made it really popular by introducing it to the blogosphere. You can log on at 3191 to see their current expression and read their story. Their fusions are inspiring…


Now diptych blogging is becoming very popular. Friends are fusing their photos and efforts to create some very nice artwork and expressions of their lives. I look forward to viewing their fusions daily in their blogs.


Here are a few of my favorites: “far north–deep south,” “two girls–two clicks,” and “sea and sky,” although “sea and sky” has not posted since early December, I continually return to their postings because the photography is gorgeous.


One day over lunch, a dear friend of mine and I came up with the idea to start a photo fusion of our own. We began at the end of last December and have enjoyed the journey so much. It has been a learning curve for both of us as well–neither of us are professional photographers. But we love the art form.


Our greatest desire is that those viewing would see or sense a glimpse of God. We believe that He IS ALWAYS SPEAKING… RELENTLESSLY REVEALING HIMSELF… in life from the mundane to the majestic.  If you look with spiritual eyes–you can see Him–reaching out in love and compassion.


We both have searched the Internet and have not discovered a photo fusion blog exactly like ours–that is with a spiritual emphasis. Each photo fusion is accompanied with a verse from the Bible, a thought, or poem to expand the possibilities of the collaboration into the spiritual realm.


Yesterday, I was so encouraged when I heard from a dear friend who lives in Israel. He said he had been following our efforts and enjoying the photo fusions, coupled scriptures very much.


The diptychs I have attached on this post belong to us. MJ’s photography is on the left, and mine on the right. Take a peek at “echogram” to see what scriptures or thoughts we have paired with our photos.


At the end of the week, we post a review–photo collage. It has been fun to view to the total fusion as one expression… MJ and I encourage you to join our journey of seeing with spiritual eyes the simple picture revelations of God in our midst.

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