…is a fancy word for the fusion of two photos. The art has been around for many years, but a couple of gals made it really popular by introducing it to the blogosphere. You can log on at 3191 to see their current expression and read their story. Their fusions are inspiring… Now diptych blogging … More Diptych…

Jiggling Bellies

My hubby and I love this man. He is one of our favorite people in the world to hang out with! We value our time with him, and we can never seem to get enough. Recently, we enjoyed a good laugh with him… Now I can’t remember for the life of me what tickled our … More Jiggling Bellies

Kindred Heart

This woman called me recently at 7:15 AM to tell me to look at the sunrise… “Sunrise” by JMW Turner My reaction? Now that’s a kindred heart.


From casual to intimate, levels of friendships vary throughout life. And no matter the level, friends have the power to influence our lives for good or evil. I have been very blessed by God to have the sweetest friends through life that have enriched my journey, shared by joys and wiped my tears. They have endured … More Friendship