Flower Boxes


Here in the mountains of Cyprus we haven’t had the heat on for almost a week. The days have been sunny and warm–the kind that allure you outside for a long walk. It has been really wonderful.


Spring is getting closer, and I am beginning to think about the signs of the season. Of course, the first inkling of warmer weather here in the Troodos Mountains is the wild almond trees, and they are still showing. 


But with all this lovely weather, I have been drifting back to Germany and our trip early last September. I had never seen the flowers more lovely. And nothing says spring and summer like the flower boxes of Europe, and especially Germany. Each house or flat has several, and they are robust with color and life.


The abundance of these dancing flowers on window ledges and along side doorways is partly what makes Europe so quaint and inviting. You just don’t find anything like this in the states.


We’ll be going back to Germany and France next September, and I am already dreaming about it…

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