Flower Boxes

Here in the mountains of Cyprus we haven’t had the heat on for almost a week. The days have been sunny and warm–the kind that allure you outside for a long walk. It has been really wonderful. Spring is getting closer, and I am beginning to think about the signs of the season. Of course, … More Flower Boxes

To Touch a Life

This German sister, from the Evangelical Sisters of Mary located in Darmstadt, Germany, deeply touched my life this year. I met her at the Toward Jerusalem Council II summit meeting in Germany last fall. There were about 100 people there from around the world to pray for reconcilation between the Church and the Jewish people. On the … More To Touch a Life


Fountain in Deidesheim, Germany I just read a blog on the growing uneasiness concerning the–not “state of the union”–rather the state of the world. It was written by a woman in New Zealand, who wakes up at night with a sense of emergency. Times are unstable. People are committing suicide because of the loss of their fortunes or … More Security