The Blackened Teeth of Yesterday

With triple digit temperatures for weeks, I will remember August 2010 as brutal here in Texas. When the temp finally drops to the mid-90s, it will feel like a cold front. And yes, I am complaining, even in the good ole USA where a/c units are abundant and faithfully spit out ice-cold air to ease the sweltered brow.

Allow me a moment to kvetch!

I am thankful to be in here rather than Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Ukraine or Russia or Ethiopia or anywhere else that finds me annually with soaring temps and no a/c!

One happy thought is that my lovely daughter, who is currently in Germany on a summer outreach, will return the end of the week. Here she is during a recent worship session with her team and others.

Another happy thought is that my hubby and I will get away to Scottsdale, Arizona, today for a few days.

It is a business trip and yes it is in the desert, but I find the desert more bearable than the heat in Texas. It cools down at night; and in the morning, it is dry. Much more bearable.

On a more nostalgic note, on Facebook, I came across some photos of my husband at a few social gatherings we had years ago at our church. It almost brought tears to my eyes — the memories, the fun, and the lives of dear friends — some gone on to heaven now, some moved overseas, and some in other churches. Still, we all shared a few moments together in life.

The face and body trunk were my husband’s, but the arms were a fellow pastor named, Marc, standing behind him. He or they were trying to shave. Variations of the idea have been done in skits over and over, but it never ceases to make us laugh. It was hilarious!

At another party, I guess he was dressed up as a cowboy. Love the blackened teeth!

I am so glad that my friend, Martha, took these photos and had the foresight to store them away somewhere. They are about 20 years old!

If you are reading this from Texas, I hope you can stand another week of triple digit temps. If you are not, well, then enjoy the cool. See you in Scottsdale…

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  1. Syble says:

    What wonderful memories!! Thanks, Bonnie for posting them and thanks, Martha for taking them. Remember how Martha ALWAYS had her camera?? I’m so glad she did! I still remember the shaving skit and I really believe I laughed harder at that than anything in my whole life! There is no way to describe how funny it was. Could it be that we knew these two so well???

  2. David Katz says:

    It’s been very hot here too.

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