Fountain in Deidesheim, Germany

I just read a blog on the growing uneasiness concerning the–not “state of the union”–rather the state of the world. It was written by a woman in New Zealand, who wakes up at night with a sense of emergency. Times are unstable. People are committing suicide because of the loss of their fortunes or their shelters. People are worried about keeping their houses, getting gas, putting food on the table.

The world is sensing uncertainty and change. Nothing can jerk the rug out from under you like a sudden loss of economy and materialism., sudden loss of family, just sudden loss…

Foundations that sustain must be in something bigger than that which is seen… larger than economy or family… something larger than life itself.

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. The eternal will remain. Even though it seems the world is a roller coaster on a roughed, high-speed, downward spiral, there is hope beyond what it seen.

That’s why I am hitching my wagon to a fountain filled with blood…

It’s the door to security.

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