Queen of Fun

Our daughter is currently in Milan, Italy. She has been traveling with a team of young people through Europe for the last month. This experience is her “cup of tea”–community living, team work, group outreach, serving, and sharing the joy of the hope that resides within her heart with others. Here they are in a … More Queen of Fun


Fountain in Deidesheim, Germany I just read a blog on the growing uneasiness concerning the–not “state of the union”–rather the state of the world. It was written by a woman in New Zealand, who wakes up at night with a sense of emergency. Times are unstable. People are committing suicide because of the loss of their fortunes or … More Security

Two of my Heroes

These two sisters from the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary located in Darmstadt, Germany, are attending the Toward Jerusalem Council II prayer initiative this week. Their story of reconciliation between Gentile and Jew and the Jew and the Church started with World War II and continues until today. The founder of their community and movement is Basilia … More Two of my Heroes

Richer than Wine

After our scrumptuous four-course meal last evening, we hit the pillows again like bricks. Another nine hours for us! We are setting records here! I think Germany agrees with us, or we are exhausted and letting down enough to really sleep. Maybe both. I sat on the sofa and Wayne lied in bed and read the … More Richer than Wine

German Wine Country

We flew from Budapest to Frankfurt yesterday, rented a car, and just look off down the road on our way for ministry that Wayne has. My husband likes living on the edge. We didn’t have hotel reservations–just a map and a lot of spirit of adventure. We ended up in the quaint village of Weinwiller. … More German Wine Country