Richer than Wine

After our scrumptuous four-course meal last evening, we hit the pillows again like bricks. Another nine hours for us! We are setting records here! I think Germany agrees with us, or we are exhausted and letting down enough to really sleep. Maybe both.

I sat on the sofa and Wayne lied in bed and read the Bible to me this morning before breakfast. I snapped this photo of his reflection in the veranda glass door. It reminded me of how we live our lives as believers–through a glass darkly–our vision is perfect especially as God’s Word lights our paths, but the way is not clear, often fuzzy as we search for the city, whose builder and maker is God!

We are off to the adventures of the German wine trail again…

Our initial sight was a mini-truck loaded with the first-harvested grapes. It looked like the kids helped to pick the grapes. They were laughing with glee as they sat on top and brought th load into the village.

We followed the trail along to Deidesheim where we stopped to visit shops, enjoy a wine tasting and eat lunch. We feasted on venison soup. It was a first for both of us, but it tasted really good!

More flowerboxes…

A fountain…

More grapes…

The time spent with my husband today… well, richer than wine…

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  1. Tara says:

    What gorgeous pictures! Thanks for taking the time to post so we can all enjoy them with you!!

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