A Lesson from the Grape

Researchers and vineyard owners have discovered over centuries of practice that moderately watered, distressed grapes will produce the sweetest clusters and the best wine! Here is one article about the process.

That tidbit of knowledge sparked a spiritual parallel. I thought about the Scripture, Psalm 84:11: “The Lord gives grace and glory, no good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

Naturally, I would think that plenty of water would be good for the grape vines, not too much, but at least adequate amounts. The fact that grape growers have learned that moderate water–even deprivation–is a good thing for the wine is totally amazing.

Sometimes God withholds things from us as well–things that we count as necessary for our well being, destiny, or happiness. But in His wisdom, God knows that withholding that precious thing for a season will produce the best action, the best fruit, the best result in our lives.

How wise is our God!

I am going to be chewing on that little lesson from the grape today, savoring its truth as we travel the ready-to-harvest vineyards of Germany today.

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  1. Mary Jo Pierce says:

    Too much water (little foxes) would “spoil the vine.” There is a huge lesson here! Thank you Bonnie for jump starting the process. I have heard “2009 – year of the vine.”

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