German Wine Country

We flew from Budapest to Frankfurt yesterday, rented a car, and just look off down the road on our way for ministry that Wayne has. My husband likes living on the edge. We didn’t have hotel reservations–just a map and a lot of spirit of adventure. We ended up in the quaint village of Weinwiller. Here is our hotel.

We slept about nine hours, which is really long for both of us. I guess it was the fresh, cold German night air and the delicious German meal that knocked us out.

We were up early and on the wine trail. It is peak season now for the German wineries. The weather is perfect today–not to hot, not too cold–and we are just taking our time meandering in and out of quaint village after quaint village, tasting wines in “weingus” as we go, enjoying the vineyards, ancient buildings, and blue skies. The region is famous for Chardonnays and Rieslings especially.

Through the years we have spent much time in Germany, but we have never traveled this wine trail. It has been so much fun and absolutely beautiful. I decided to photograph some of the myriad German flowerboxes as I go. Every house has at least three or more, so it is not hard to get a quick collection of photos.

Here is a sampling.

We have settled for the afternoon and night in a beautiful hotel in Rhodt. Since it is peak wine season, we got the last room in the hotel! It includes a four-course meal tonight for dinner, plus wine pairing and breakfast.

Here are a few vineyard photos I snapped along the way.

I’ll post more tomorrow.

We came across an ancient Jewish synagogue with some interesting history along the way, but I need to research its history a bit more before I post about it.

So more adventures and photos tomorrow…

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Jo Pierce says:

    Dear Bonnie,
    It makes me smile, the sweetest of Father, that would provide an abundance of Geraniums for YOU! I remember your love of these particular flowers … Isn’t that just like HIM!

  2. paninigirl says:

    Looks beautiful! I’ve never been to Germany but just yesterday I said to my husband that we really should travel there someday.

  3. sarah says:

    thanks for making me miss germany even more.
    i know i will eventually end up there, but i think my time frame has been pushed back some…
    been stupid in some stuff & now have to face the consequences. 😦
    but i KNOW that God is faithful.

    enjoy your time travelling!

  4. Jon Dunn says:

    Bonnie, what a great european blog series…thanks for the beautiful pictures and your thoughts in writing. many blessings to you and Wayne.

  5. gnubee says:

    Bonnie your photos are looking great, keep up the good work! And thank you for blogging while in Europe ~ you are dedicated! 🙂
    Blessings, Claudia

  6. Tara says:

    Hey, bring me back a bottle of that Reisling 🙂

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