Sir Winston



Before the sun disappeared below the horizon of the Holy City and Shabbat officially began, we had a very interesting experience. We were invited to have coffee with an Arab family that lives just outside of Jerusalem. The husband is a one of the few Arab judges in Israel. 

The Arab culture is extremely hospitable, so the wife presented a feast of homemade cheesecake and strawberries, Belgian chocolates, dried figs, and sweet coffee. The conversation was so interesting from the husband’s work as a judge, music, poetry, politics, writing, social justice, etc. You name it–we discussed it. We could have talked for hours.

Later their son came and played the piano for us. He is a professional musician, among other things, and will be going to the states soon to study medicine.

It was such an honor to receive such an invitation, and they invited us to return for another visit the next time we are in the country.

Immediately afterward, we hopped in the car and drove to a Jewish family’s home we know for Erev Shabbat. 


Our good friend is a cantor, so he canted part of the Erev Shabbat liturgy which was beautiful and moving.



He lifted the wine in blessing…


And broke the Sabbath bread…


Three of their four children attended Erev Shabbat meal…


They honored their mother during the liturgy for her love and care for them during the week…


Which made mother smile…


But the star of the evening was Sir Winston…


He may have a face that only a mother could love… paws as big as Cinnabons, but he stole everyone’s heart… (sorry the dog photos are out of focus, the dog just would not pose…)


Oh and by the way,

I loved the center piece on the dinner table… classy. Thanks for a great evening!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. David Katz says:

    It was our pleasure.

  2. Bonnie says:


    Thanks again to you and Rittie. It was a great time. We look forward to seeing you again when we are in town.


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