Fish Heaven



Well, we are home and truly back in the saddle in the states! I guess it will be a week tomorrow already. I have been in a fog trying to catch up and get over jet lag, still waking up every morning at 3 AM and going strong all day. I am really tired right now. it seems the older I get the harder it is to recover from international trips.


At home in Texas, we have a beautiful koi pond in our backyard. It is one simple pleasure in life as it is situated next to an arbor; and in good weather, we spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, fresh air, and sunshine. 

This is really sad, but while we were gone one little goldfish died. We have now three koi and two goldfish. The pond began to grow a long stringy moss, and it choked the poor little fish before the moss was treated. 

I guess the little guy went to fish heaven.

Otherwise we found everything in great shape. We are home just in time to plant spring flowers and get our home and yard in good shape for warmer weather. 

I know this post is a yawner. I am feeling quite depleted now and just need a couple of weeks to recoup. 

Still thanks for coming back dear reader. You make my day–everyday.

Tomorrow is Wayne’s birthday, and we are having a party. Photos on that forthcoming…

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