Life on the High Seas


csc_0077Just a week ago, we celebrated Wayne’s birthday with a taco party and a sweet ending of strawberry shortcake. When I brought the cake out, Wayne exclaimed, “What just one candle?” I just didn’t think 52 would fit on a piece of strawberry shortcake.

The week has passed uneventfully. We are still jet lagged, waking at 3 or 4 AM. It has been two weeks today. But I think the worst is over. It is better than getting up at 1 AM.


We are back to life as usual… no international trips for a while… I must hunker down to life on these shores… bloom where I am planted and get on with it… it seems the life of “high seas’ adventure” is over for a few months…

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  1. David Katz says:

    So in the meantime, enjoy the garden, the fish pond, the cat, the dog, your chair . . . the high seas will still be there when it is time for you to sail on them again.

  2. Bonnie says:

    David… what a friend you are… more than ? how many years now?… Thanks for your comments… always…


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