Seven Words…



1) “Solomon” is much more beautiful in English than in Hebrew. Shlomo just doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way.  

2) Carendash is “pencil” in Russian and much more artistic in Russian.  

3) Solfeggio is “music theory” in Russian and much more musical in Russian.

4) Nay is “yes” in Greek and always confuses me… nay is just so, so negative in English. It still jolts me when I hear Greeks and Cypriots nod their heads up and down and say, “nay.”

5) Egan is “yes” in Hungarian and sounds like the name of a Star Trek alien…

6) Amore is “love” in Italian. It is ahavah in Hebrew and lubya in Russian… The Slavic, Germanic, and Semitic languages can’t hold a candle to amore… you need a Romantic language to say it best…

7) I love shekel in Hebrew, drachma in Greek, mark in German, Kroner in Danish, peso in Spanish, but somehow “dollar” in English always hits me square in the pocketbook…  

Maybe someone should develop an international language with all the best words of all the languages. It would sound like this:

Let me take my carendash and use my best solfeggio to express my deepest amore. Nay I amore you, egan, I amore you. I wish for all the shekels of Solomon’s mines… all the drachmas of Mt. Olympia… all the Kroners of Denmark… and all the pesos of Buenos Aires to say I amore you, nay, you are mon cherie

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  1. David Katz says:

    This was nice . . . there were attempts to create an international language but I dont remember what it is called . . . and I can’t google it right now, I have to get back to work.

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