Backyard Bandits Again…


On the morning that Wayne left for Israel/Ethiopia, we enjoyed breakfast under the arbor in the backyard. The weather was perfect and the surroundings enchanting, even if it is my own little patch of ground.


After we cleaned it all up, I glanced out the window to find the backyard bandit was back…


He’s ready to dive into the bird’s seed…


He is enjoying his belated breakfast so much… when a friend arrives…


Well, number one squirrel spun around on his little squirrel paws and chased number 2 squirrel away…


Right up the nearest pole… then what goes up must…


come down… (sorry for the fuzzy focus, but this is real time happening… the photographer was just slow on the draw…). Number two squirrel limped away, hungry and rejected.

CSC_0048 After eating his fill… number one squirrel waddled off, stomach practically dragging the ground…

Imagine getting full on bird’s seed… ?

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  1. instillnessthedancing says:

    I love the photo-story! I have similar bandits who grow fat on bird seed! God’s creation … his imagination awesome! The squirrel’s agility to maneuver all the ways we’ve tried to hang the bird feeders is just plain amazing!

    May your summer days be blessed!


  2. Bonnie says:

    Always nice to hear from you Beth!

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