A Little Lonely…


My husband and daughter are in Ethiopia now. I just spoke to them on the phone. They are in the capital city of Addis Ababa working with Ethiopian Jews from Beta Israel and Beta Avraham groups. They have visited congregations, schools, medical clinics and orphanages, and it has been an amazing trip. I am so eager for more details…

I am missing them both so much… but so proud of what they are doing…


I am hanging out with my best girl, Tiki, and enjoying the fruits of summer…


Oh yeah, I am hanging out with him too…


Although, he is not much fun to be with because of his “drop dead” attitude…


Oh yeah, and these guys are around just to keep things spicy…


I am rich with all this… but still counting the days until my family is home.

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  1. Tara says:

    I’m sure your cat would rather you’d be with Julia and Wayne, too, as long as you left plenty of food and water for him….wouldn’t have to bother with the Human’s desire for attention at all 🙂

  2. Bruce Voss says:


    I have just returned from the amazing land of Ethiopia where I had the true privilege of walking along side Wayne and John as we sought out potential solutions to the incredible challenges facing the wonderful people there. Seeing Julia again was great bonus too.

    Ethiopia is a land that challenges the comfort level our Western living standards. Communication with the rest of the world is difficult. Nothing is instantaneous with all things always taking longer to accomplish. In spite of these challenges, which are only our burden and not the Ethiopian’s, great hope arises in me. God has already set in place all the necessary, qualified and gifted people locally to begin a work of assisting the Jews of Ethiopia help themselves.

    Though they lack enough clean drinking water, food, and medical care, they are clear in their communication to us that they want to help themselves in every way possible and only seek assistance in the amounts where they fall short. Their faith is strong and their hope sure.

    I too have experienced the separation from family though the recent wonderful reunion made the time away seem that much more worth it. It is good to be home again. The cat is relieved to see my return just as much as my wife and kids. But I return with names, faces and scenes floating through my mind now. They have replaced the unrelational, distant statistics and the public health failure jargon. I have been changed again, getting to see more of what God looks at everyday A responsibility now co-resides on my shoulders as well and Wayne and John’s. We trust that the Lord is opening doors and moving funds towards the 700 families who are in need.

    Separately, it was a great honor to walk along side Wayne, as he managed severe jet lag, an intense schedule, sleep deprivation, and concerns for things in his own family while he was so far away, and yet kept the Ethiopian situation front and center the whole time we we there. I learned a lot as I watched him go about his work.

    Blessings to you while you continue to wait for his return home.


  3. Bonnie says:

    Aww, Bruce, great to have you back! And thanks so much for this update. It is good to hear from you and hear your perspective. We are so eager for things in Ethiopia to brust open for the kingdom. It is such a privilege to work with you as well. Thanks for all your input and expertise in the areas you know best.


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