Still in the Glow…


Well, we are home now but still in the glow of Guatemala. Images of the beautiful people, colorful culture, and wonderful food are dancing in our minds. I wish I had more time now to reflect and savor the memories, but I just don’t.

We leave for three months in Israel/Ethiopia in less than two weeks. We are renting our home in Texas for one year to dear friends… which means that my daughter and I must pack and store our closet spaces, etc. to make room. 

But for just a few moments right now, I am allowing myself to recall…


We spent a full day in Antigua. It is the ancient capital of Guatemala and hasn’t lost its charm. In fact, if I lived in Guatemala, it would be Antigua! It was so much fun just walking around the square and watching the locals… so much color in the indigenous dress. We really enjoyed just sitting in the square and viewing the crowds.




I thought this little girl was so precious all dressed up in native dress. The Mayan culture is very prevalent and so interesting. Mayans are very small people, so you can tell when local are Indian or have a lot of Indian blood. 

Well, back to reality… I am hoping that while I have been reflecting a little that some of those Cinderella mice came and started packing my closet, but I rather doubt it…

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