Flying Home…



We leave for Miami shortly, spend the night, and then on to Texas. This trip has been too much to process in a few short days. It will take a few months to unpack a few of the eternal purposes, but it has been a good beginning.

We will return, the Lord willing, next year. And we are already talking about it.

The above photo is how I feel right now… knowing what is facing me when I return. We leave for Jerusalem in just ten days and will be gone for three months. Some of that time we will be situated and some of it we will spend traveling… I have soooo much to do when we get home… yikes in just ten days… I want to bury my head and take a nap. 

See you in Miami…

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  1. Mom says:

    Hi! I have so enjoyed reading about Julia’s meeting with her birth Mother. What a blessed event for all of you. They way it all came together had to be a “God Thing”. No doubt about it. I love the pictures. We will treasure them always. And what a story—about how her mother came to give her up for adoption. She really had no other choice. Thank God she didn’t abort. I remember part of a prophecy Julia received about how God had picked her up out of one culture and put her in another culture because He has special plans for her. Special plans of how He will use her in His Kingdom. I think even some healing ministry was mentioned. What an awesome God we serve. We love you, Julia —and are so proud of you. In His Love, Mom

  2. gnubee says:

    This is a great capture Bonnie, well seen! Wonderful memories made indeed. God speed for your next adventure, so blessed I get to tag along.

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