Things to Take to Zion…


Suitcases, trash bags, clothes, and bubble wrap everywhere…


We are packing and storing and packing and squeezing… how will we ever fit all the important essentials to begin our new life in Israel into six suitcases? I have pulled and pushed, added and deleted… and deleted some more… and added again…

DSC_0003And I still have mounds and mounds of things to pack… I am beginning to feel stressed, and I don’t like it. Before next Tuesday, when we will finally board the plane and sit in relief–knowing that all of this packing and saying good-bye is behind us–I must run through a pretty grueling obstacle race. I am competing against the clock, and at my age, against… well my age. I just don’t have the stamina I did in my 30s.

DSC_0004With every bag I cram full and schlepp to the front door, this guy looks at me like, “Where are you going?” But the question is more, “Where is he going?” The cat doesn’t know it yet… Thank the Lord that we found someone to take our 15 year old furry feline!

Honestly, I hate this kind of packing and leaving pressure!

But I am so excited about the next season of life. It has been a long-coming dream to live in Israel. We won’t be there full time, just a few months each year, but we can hardly wait.

Our apartment is facing Mt. Zion and the Mt. of Olives! Every morning, we can drink coffee on the veranda, watching the sun rise over the mountain of the Lord and hear the early morning sounds of the ancient city, Jerusalem.


This morning in my quiet time I unburdened my heart to the Lord about the stress I feel getting ready to go.. what to take… what to leave behind… And then I read an interesting passage from Psalm 24. Sandwiched in the middle was a list of things that are important to God–if one is going up to Zion.

1) clean hands

2) pure heart

3) no idols

4)  must never tell lies

Who may climb the mountain of the Lord?
      Who may stand in his holy place?
4 Only those whose hands and hearts are pure,
      who do not worship idols
      and never tell lies.
5 They will receive the Lord’s blessing
      and have a right relationship with God their savior.
6 Such people may seek you
      and worship in your presence, O God of Jacob
. ~Psalm 24: 3-6

The Lord looks upon the heart.

And in those fleeting moments of prayer this morning when I felt frazzled and my efforts feeble, so concerned about the outward, God was asking about my heart, my attitude.

Honestly, I can’t pass the test–I just don’t measure up–without His love and forgiveness–without His blood and righteousness.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for the scripture to help one not to be so frazzled. Think of me—at age 80. I don’t have the stamina I had when I was 30—though I keep trying. Ha!! By the way Susan reads your blog regularly. Love and prayers, Mom

  2. Donita S says:

    And isn’t that our God? Always looking at the inside as we consider all on the outside. Something about treasure stored up…moths and rust. Why does it take us so long to remember the simple things are the best? Blessings to all of you as you embark on another great adventure for God. Donita

  3. Bonnie says:

    Thanks, Donita! Great to hear from you!

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