I took this photo in Jerusalem on our visit last spring. It is the best word that describes my life right now. Along with packing for Israel, we are renting our house for one year to dear friends. So… we have been preparing a clean and welcome living space for our renters as well. 

This was a last minute decision, but we feel the pleasure of the Lord in it. We will live as nomads for 12 months… traveling in different countries and hopping from house to house. Once we get situated in Israel–our base–then the fun begins. I love being free… cutting the roots of home for a time. It is very liberating.


But right now I feel dizzy from the pressure of packing… and dizzy from the new sense of freedom that I know is just around the corner…

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  1. slamdunk says:

    NIce photos and God Bless you in your decisions.

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