We have spent that last few days shopping for foundations… like in a place to sit and plate from which to eat… and… it takes longer than you might think to find all your foundations. I imagined that we would have more accomplished by now, but anyway, we ARE ENJOYING the process. It is not everyday that one gets to buy new furniture and move to Jerusalem.


Imagine eight suitcases crammed with life as we know it and scattered all over the floor with no closets or drawers… 


Anyway, all this disarray reminded me this morning of just how important foundations are in life. Those sideboards around us that keep us going just can’t be taken for granted. And when they are missing, we really feel it. 

Oh the sweetness of order and things in their right places… but you need the places first!

Right now we are sitting at an Internet cafe. It is chilly… I love that. Because Jerusalem is high in elevation, it cools down at night. Honestly, the wind is down right cold now. After suffering in the Texas heat, this feels so good. 

I am drinking a hot chocolate… it is that cold… sitting with my husband enjoying the lovely night, watching Israelis stroll on the streets after the Shabbat. And I am thinking life just doesn’t get better than this–disarray and all!

Tomorrow we are off to IKEA to purchase most of our foundations…

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  1. Tara says:

    I just love this! How we take for granted even the little things….the dressers, the tables….that hold all our STUFF…..what a grand adventure you’re on….enjoy, enjoy, enjoy 🙂

  2. Diana Terry says:

    I love technology when it comes to being able to communicate around the world with friends and family. I had a cousin who vacationed in Ireland this summer and it was wonderful knowing what they were doing each day and their plans for the next.

    I am enjoying keeping up with your journey. I learned the difference in that this summer when we found Dennis’ dad. We were on a journey. A wonderful journey that God so orchestrated each step of the way. We were totally dependent on him for finances and dad to day suppling our needs. We didn’t know what the next minute brought much less day or week. God is so faithful and good to us. He loves his children more than we can even imagine. I know your journey will be orchestrated by Him as well. It is a joy to look back and see how God works out each tiny detail for our good, those who love Him and are the called according to His PURPOSE.

    Jessica, our 19 yr old daughter returned from Berlin on Thursday at 10 p.m. She starts school this morning at CFNI. Oh, to be young again! LOL

    We love you!


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