On the Cusp of Eternity



We have spent the last couple of days purchasing furniture and in general getting settled. It has been wild and woolly. But the good news is that we have made great progress. The process will continue for a few more weeks. 

I guess because we came from hot, hot Texas the weather here has been pretty mild in comparison. The days are hot, but the evenings cool. We are not on the top floor, so our apartment is very comfortable. And we have a basement that we can retreat to if we need to. No a/c here, but we have a couple of big fans.

Today when we were in one furniture store close to our house they asked us our address for delivery. The salesman asked about our apartment, so we were telling him one of the best things was that our living room and kitchen view is of Mt. Zion and Mt. of Olives. The salesman stopped dead in his tracks and asked, “Is that your view? There is nothing better in the world than that… not an ocean view, not a mountain view… nothing!”

Honestly, I have to pinch myself being here in this place, knowing it was God’s choice for us. It was not something we pursued, but God totally opened the door for us by surprise. And suddenly, we are here. 

This morning I opened the fridge for milk and looked over my shoulder and saw Mt. Zion in the window, and I thought, “This is ridiculously wonderful!” 

The Bible says Mt. Zion is the “perfection of beauty where the Lord shines forth.” More than ever I have a sense of God’s plan for the ages as world events escalate and lead ultimately to the return of Jesus. I feel like I am sitting on the cusp of eternity here, looking down the corridor of history and into the present and future on the Mount of Olives when the King of Kings will put his foot down.

We are making some great connections and have a couple of invitations into people’s homes so far.

Hopefully we will get our wireless hooked up next week and I won’t be blogging on the fly and will be using my camera more…

More coming…

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  1. Mom says:

    Your Dad and I envy you—being in Jerusalem with such a view. Naturally we are concerned for you being in that part of the world. We keep you covered daily with the precious blood of Jesus. Even though we know that the safest place any one can ever be is in the center of God’s will for us—where ever that is. Love and prayers, Mom

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