The Lowest Place on Earth…


We are at the Dead Sea for a couple of days. As you see here, it is on the way to Jericho. Interesting trivia: the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth not covered with water. Actually as you are driving, you reach sea level way before you reach the salty water of the Dead Sea. 


Here is sea level. I love the snooty camel perched in front of the sign. He is all dressed up to give some tourist a ride. About camels in another post…


Here is 300 meters below sea level, and we are still driving toward the Dead Sea.


We saw wild donkeys along the way…


Bedouin tents…


Date palms, which I love. I just could have gotten out of the car and run up and down the pathways between them.


Caves… this is close to the famous Qumran caves.


Salt dunes… remember Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot’s wife who turned to a pillar of salt? Maybe she looked like this…


Finally, the Dead Sea. Notice the salt deposits on the shore in the distance. When we got here, although I have been here numerous times, I was remembering that this is the lowest point on dry land. Certainly, it is desolate and barren, kind of eery too. And I was contemplating that. Lots of reasons maybe why came to mind.

Then I remembered the blackest places that I have seen on earth: Concentration camps in Poland–Auschwitz and Berkinau and Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square in Moscow. Maybe they weren’t the “lowest” but definitely the blackest… the darkest.

Well, more things to see tomorrow… here below sea level. Tomorrow we will float in the salt water like Ivory soap. I’ll show you. At least, Wayne I’ll show you.

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  1. Syble says:

    No matter how many times I’ve seen the area, I’m still intrigued and fascinated by it all……….Bedouins, their tents, their way of life, Masada (from below-not on top), and the Dead Sea itself. I love it all!!!! Thanks for the beautiful pics.

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