I’ve Gone Green…


… that is I bought some plants for our apartment. That’s pretty “green,” wouldn’t you say? We weren’t going to buy plants until later in the year after we make a quick trip back to the states, but we found these really, really healthy ones at–of all places–IKEA! And because they were so amazingly cheap, we brought them home. They called to us “Take me home!”


I had so much fun potting them yesterday. Our apartment has a porch just off the basement that is closed in with Jerusalem stone. It is really private and cozy. We bought a picnic table and eventually we will get a grill to put there too. It is a sunny space, so I decided to make it my garden place. I hope this time next year it will be filled with a potted garden. I am making it my private retreat for contemplating poems, praying, and meditation.


It really is amazing how much a little green does for a house. DSC_0011

It transforms it into a home…


Do you like my aluminum pots? I thought they looked more contemporary than terra cotta, although I love pottery. Again IKEA! And they were so cheap… Anyway, Cyprus has much better pottery than Israel, so maybe I can bring some back. I am trying to figure that one out.


Look at all the buds waiting in wings to blossom.Well, I guess the only thing left to bring home is a dog and cat. Now that’s going to be a little harder, but I can be very, very persuasive… wait and see…

We took a long walk this morning and then spent some time at Succat Hallel in prayer and worship. It is such a blessing to live so close. I can’t tell you how sweet and refreshing it was.

We are off to the Dead Sea for a few days.

So more sooner rather than later…

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  1. Tara says:

    That IKEA strikes again! I was amazed at how inexpensive plants were even at the Frisco store….and the green looks stunning against your robin’s egg blue walls, Bonnie…you are turning your little apartment into quite a soothing, calm place to live 🙂

    Thanks for sharing even your everyday shopping and decorating….makes us feel you are less than the 7000 miles away reality reminds us 🙂

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