Ice, Salt, and Lot’s Wife…


This looks like ice or snow on the water, but it is the salty crust on the Dead Sea.


The beautiful mountains in the background are Jordan. It is amazing that the water is so aqua… I just the color of the Dead Sea. The clearer the sky and atmosphere, the bluer the water.


We actually did run into Lot’s wife–the one that turned into a pillar of salt…


These are salt formations that have collected and grown over the years. Archeologists believe this may be the area of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah. The salt pillar here just reminded a lot of people about Lot’s wife… it does kind of look like a woman with long hair…


There is a refinery on the Dead Sea that processes the salt and minerals of the area for later sale. There are mountains and mountains, like this one, of salt and minerals here. We pulled over to view the process a bit. Very fascinating…

We are heading home now, so I don’t have time to post all my photos. 

More after we return to Jerusalem.

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  1. gnubee says:

    Thanks Bonnie, the boys and I were talking about the Dead Sea and Death Valley at lunch today and hopped over to take a look at your photos, since I knew you were there!
    Blessings, Claudia

  2. lamarhowell says:

    Imagine a language learner with the phrase “Lot’s wife” – maybe polygamy or oversized spouse? Or the billboard “Cook’s Children” (hospital)- maybe cannibalism in Fort Worth?

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