echogram: act II

echogram tiffany

My dear friend, Mary Jo, and I started a blog last January using photographic diptych. We coupled the diptychs of our everyday lives with scriptures. The other day I leafed through the collection, and was deeply touched by our journey in photography and life.

Now with that said, neither of us are pros, in fact, we are rookies with the camera. Maybe we are even dangerous behind the lens… but we enjoy the process of fusing our lives in photographic expression.

Then we took a break, but now we are back for Act II. The format will be a little different. We will work with a weekly theme, scripture, and short devotional along with the fused photos from Mary Jo’s world and mine. Sometimes the results are quite interesting since I live in Jerusalem, and Mary Jo is in the states.

Today is our new launch. You can take a peek here.

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  1. David Katz says:

    I checked this out . . very interesting and creative. Good for both of you. I need to find an creative outlet.

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