The Smell of Rain!


It is very unusual to receive rain in Israel before Rosh HaShanah. This morning it was so wonderful to see the sky darken, smell the fresh rain, and watch the water pool on the pavement as the little drops of rain accumulated. 

We just stood on the veranda, taking in deep breaths… That smell is so fresh and invigorating!

The photo above is taken from our veranda too. You can see Mt. Zion in the bokeh just under the droplets of rain on the fence.


Israel has a typical Mediterranean climate with long, hot, dusty, and rainless summers, and short, cool, rainy winters. Most of the rain falls between November and March.


Well, I am just opening my heart to heaven to receive this little early gift of rain on the second day of the Jewish New Year. What a blessing!  

I can download some photos, but I wish I could download the smell of fresh rain. I suppose the computer geeks are working on that.

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  1. Dave Baldwin says:


    You and Wayne really get around. Your pictures of the people in Ethiopia are stunning.

    I had a roommate one semester from Ethiopia in college. He had scolarships in Engineering first in England and then in Boulder, CO. He intentended to go back to Ethiopia to help this poor country. I wonder if he did.

    Dave – Your cousin

  2. Bonnie says:

    Thanks, cousin Dave, for visiting and commenting on my blog. Hope you and Eileen are doing well.


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