Haunting Wind Broken Lives


We leave in less than 48 hours for the states; so in my mind, I’m gearing up…

CSC_0181…packing and laundry to do, saying good-bye to friends (for a short time–just six weeks), planning a very busy schedule during our quick trip home, soaking in the beauty and joy of living in Jerusalem for two more days… Dinner and a movie tonight with dear friends… I am also thinking about eating some TexMex when I get home with good friends, having some good laughs with Syble and Olen, Kenny’s in North Dallas, the missions conference, the banquet, and shopping with my daughter!


Still with all on my plate, some images never leave my mind or heart… the wind broken lives of orphans, widows, and the poor… they are haunting…


When I was young, I asked myself, “What can’t I have this or that?” But now that I am older, I ask myself, “Why do I have so much, and they don’t?”


I just don’t know the answer…


  1. Bonnie,
    So true, so true!!
    But, I’m also looking forward, with great excitement, to our time together…….don’t leave sushi out!!!

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