Soul Pancake

Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight Schrute on the popular and award-winning series The Office has created a very interesting website, Soul Pancake, to tackle “life’s big questions.” The website connects spirituality and creativity and comes up with “spiritivity.” Rainn, who is a follower of the Baha’i religion, says he wants to “de-lameify” questions about God…

It is extremely creative, and they tackle questions like, “Does God answer prayer?” or “When was the first time you realized your parents lied?” or “Is Omnipresence an invasion of privacy?” And much, much more… Readers can comment too or leave one of life’s big questions to be answered. I spent about 30 minutes recently watching the DVDs and perusing the articles. I left with a better sense of the heartbeat of American X generation. They are definitely opening some closets that have been closed for some time, and they are ready to be radical about something or Someone…

See what you think…

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