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  1. Ron Cantrell says:

    Oh, you’ve just exposed what every visitor to anyone’s home wants to see. The inside of their medicine cabinets when they go to the restroom. C.S. Lewis said, “We read to know we are not alone.” Stepping down from his high level, I say, “We sneak peaks to know everyone is just like us.”

  2. David Katz says:

    Obama still came out in the polls as the most admired person and Hilary came before Geveret Sarah, may she be blessed. It is not unusual at all that after the first year that the fickle public is critical of the President. It is funny that people are so unwilling to give the Obama admimistration the credit he deserves. Let’s start asking the people who are unemployed if they are not greatful that it is his administration which has extened unemployment benefits. Or what about the potential new home buyers who are being provided with new incentives and tax credits; not to mention everyone who is going to benefit from the new health care laws. I expect another good year of improvement for America. May the L-rd continue to bless that wonderful country. Though President Obama’s popularity rate may indeed have dropped, nothing to be surprised about, he remains highly admired around the world.

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