Narcissus. In. January.

Much of the known world in the USA is in a deep freeze. My southern home in the states, Texas, is buried under the winter spell of ice. This is the fountain in our community. A friend posted this on FaceBook.

He aptly titled this photo, “Narnia.” The extremely cold weather is very unusual for Texas, and I am sorry to miss it. Rarely do I get to wear thick, warm woolen sweaters and read a book in my favorite chair, drink hot cocoa and sit by the fire at home. I love that cocooned feeling of snuggling in a comfortable house, set firm against the weather. It’s not often I can enjoy that experience in my own southern state.

But I have to tell you, even in mild Texas without all the freezing temperatures, I have to wait all winter until early spring for flowers like these…

We took a little outing last weekend to Ein Kerem and found them blooming on the roadside. Narcissus. In. January. Honestly, I miss a taste of the cold back at home; but if I had to choose, I’d pick these lovely flowers any day over Narnia’s icicles.

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  1. setole says:

    OH! my heart is waiting … the spring seems long in coming this year.

  2. gnubee says:

    Greeting from the great frozen state of MN, I see Susan beat me to it 🙂

    I’m passing on a nomination for a Kreativ Blog award to you my friend. Come on over a collect, and find out 7 things about me you may not have known – don’t get too excited….

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