Thank you, my dear, blogging friend…

A couple of days ago, I was so surprised to find on the comment section of my last post a blogger award from Claudia over at “eternal rewards.”

Over the past couple of years, I have really enjoyed keeping up with Claudia’s daily life. She is an energetic, homeschooling mother, talented photographer, faithful blogger, and most of all fellow sister in the Lord. Her life is inspiring and inviting; and each day that I go to read her thoughts, I thank the Lord for her life and expression of His glory in her corner of the world. Thank you, Claudia, for passing this award on to me!

I have not been a very interesting blogger over the last few months, trying to juggle writing responsibilities, living in Jerusalem, and travel responsibilities. I long for the day when I can put as much into my posts as I do my professional writing. I just haven’t had the time or driving initiative now to produce what I envision. Anyway, thank you, so much.

The award should be passed on and came with a few instructions, so here they are:

1~ Thank the person giving the award … thank you Claudia! If I lived closer to you, we would have coffee together once a week, and I would ask for some photo tips!

2~ Copy award to this blog

3~ Place a link to their blog… see Claudia’s blog link above.

4~ Tell seven things people don’t know about you … oh, dear!

5~ Nominate seven bloggers.

6~ Place a link to these bloggers.

Since I am really busy, I don’t devote a lot of time to reading other blogs like I did a couple of years ago. I guess that is a terrible trait for a dedicated blogger. But here are a few that I try to hit a few times each week:

Red or Gray Depends on the Day” is full of photography paired with beautiful thoughts. I love the author’s appreciation of the ordinary and ability to find substance in simple things.

“Table by The Window” is just photography by “Red or Gray.” Again, she makes the ordinary extra-ordinary.

feels like home to me” is the worldview and opinion of an ex-pat. living near the equator. It is honest and full of heart. It did take me awhile to get used to the no caps-style of writing. I guess it is my age and/or vocation. Anyway no generation gap in this bloggers keen perceptions of cross-cultural life.

“Smittenkitchen” is a favorite cooking blog. Inviting photos and wonderful recipes.

“Blather. Wince. Repeat.” This is professional writer, David Holland’s blog–one of several. He is a talented writer with amazing creative acuity and political savvy. He possesses an Issachar gifting as one “who is able to understand the times” (I Chronicles 12:32) and present the message of the Good News in contemporary language with cutting-edge technology.  He inspired and helped launch me into the world of blogging and has been a good mentor in past years. He is co-author of the book, Paul Harvey’s America.

The Change Revolution” by Phil Cooke who brings “dispatches from the front lines of media, faith, and culture.” This blog offers cutting-edge tools and news for Christian communicators. I always learn something useful or interesting.

The Pioneer Woman written by Ree Drummond. She is city gal who finds her self married to a rancher and raising her four children on their working ranch Nowhereland. Ree’s slant on life is funny, and her self-deprecating humor is irresistible. She is also a great photographer, storyteller, and cook and has become nationally famous recently through her ever-growing blog and recently published book, “The Pioneer Woman Cooks.” Try it. You will love it… her… the family… the posts… the recipes, the photos, the house, and Charlie, the dog with paws that smell like fritoes.”

Here are the seven things about me that you don’t know:

1) I hate noise. It is physically painful to endure noise from jack hammer drilling, dynamite blasts, to heavy metal rock. It puts me over the edge.

2) I play the piano and considered majoring in music in high school. It seems laughable now, but I guess at the time it was a feasible choice. How different my life would have been.

3) I hate to fly… love to travel… HATE to fly. I almost have a panic attack just driving by an airport on an ordinary day. Does this stop me from flying? No. I pray. I. Pray. A. Lot.

4) I hate peas. Gag reflex. Major.

5) I have never watched a full episode of “Friends.” I just couldn’t make it through the juvenile drivel… sorry “Friends” lovers! But I love Seinfeld and still do! And there is a lot of difference between the juvenile drivel between the two… world’s apart…

6) I am a stained-glass artist, but I have not work in glass for many years. Every now and then I really want to start again. And I will someday…

7) I read the dictionary for fun. Somehow it doesn’t seem to increase my vocabulary or make my spelling better.

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  1. Marie Johnson says:

    I enjoyed the 7 things about me and I can relate to some of them! The noise, ‘Friends’…(love, love, love Seinfeld) I read the dictionary and cookbooks too! I love stained glass..didn’t know you were an artist at it, but am not surprised! I saw the blog posting on fb of the stuffed peppers recipe and wandered around and that’s how I’m here! Always enjoy reading your ‘stuff’!

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