Cold Cockles

Although we have experienced unseasonably warm temperatures this January here in Israel, it gets cold when the sun goes down. The buildings, apartments, and homes are built with concrete, stone, and tile. Often it is colder inside than out. It is hard to keep our apartment warm in the evening without ratcheting up an expensive gas bill by running the heat all the time. So we pile on the layers after dark.

About right now, I am missing my lovely home in the states, less expensive heating system, and fireplace. Oh how I miss my fireplace. And if I could add one thing to our apartment in Israel, it would be just that. Without those laughing, jumping flames, the cockles of my heart have grown cold and so have my toes and nose.

We are heating ourselves with this large space heater. With all the lights turned off in the early morning, I pretend that it is a fire. It is definitely warm and heats our large room. So… to make up for the lack of dancing flames, I light candles too…  Just trying to hunker down in comfort and warmth this cold January winter in Israel.

Funny how a roaring fire on a cold winter night does something for the soul, not just the body. It is just hard to replicate with a space heater. It’s just so space age… but I am trying.

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