On an ordinary cloudy day,

I sat by the sea for

an hour and contemplated

the concert of colors playing

before me—grays and blue grays,

gunmetals, silvers, nickels, stainless steels, charcoals,

sterlings, platinums, pewters, and slates—

merging and melding, tumbling and scattering,

shifting and intensifying into deeper and lighter shades

of gray. Changing with the wind, light play,

reflections of water, and

rain clouds. So many shades,

too many to name, bursting with variance,

rich with depth, vibrant in contrast.

I’ll never think of gray as plain or dull,

nor will I consider its cast upon a day

as ordinary.


Paphos, CY, January 22, 2010

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marion says:

    Beautiful,Bonnie, both the picture and the verse. I will never think of grey the same way again You are such an inspiration to me. You cause me to look beyond the obvious. You are a blessing to all.

  2. Susan Sears says:

    How beautiful is the photo. Your words are amazing. Isnt God a great Creator, in that He can inspire such a picture and give you the inspiring words to go with the pic? Thank you for sharing

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