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  1. Susan Sears says:

    I remember reading your blog just the other day about the “S” words. I have just finished a 21 day fast. I have many “S” words that describe our Saviour. But 2 “S” words that I would like to share with you related to the suffering and sacrifice with weight loss is this: Surrender/Self control. YOur words ministered to me and then the Lord followed with these words in my daily devotional. I am about to head to India. My prayer was to lose 21 lbs before leaving. That goal has been achieved. Now begins the surrender of my appetite to Him and allowing the fruit of self control grow in me. I think the fasting part was much easier than the surrender/selfcontrol part will be . 🙂 Thanks for your photos, insights, words; they are all blessings to me. Shalom. btw. tried the Leek Quiche today to breaking the fast…totally delicious. Looking forward to trying a few more of the receipes.

  2. Cas Cordova says:

    Me thinks someone is having a whole lota fun… and me is glad:) It’s great to see you are having some up time during your down time. Enjoy!

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