Daddy and Daughter

Our daughter just arrived in Israel from Cyprus… on Father’s Day. What a wonderful gift for daddy and daughter… for mama, too!

The three of us will enjoy the land for about two weeks before returning to the states and our home in Texas. I miss our house, my living room, my dog…

Of course, not as much as I miss seeing daddy and daughter together and being together as a family. Looking forward to the next season…

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  1. Syble says:

    Made me cry…….I can’t wait! I miss all that for you, too, ’cause I’ll get to be a part of it!

    1. David Katz says:

      I miss the dog and I never even met the dog! Your Texas house is very nice. I can’t believe you are leaving us again! What good has it been for me that you’ve been in Jeruaslem and we’ve only seen you three times! Something is not right here. In any case, look forward to seeing you again in September. Make time for us! Put us on your calendar NOW.

  2. Jeremy Lankenau says:

    We must get together when you return. Fish tacos may be in order 🙂

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