Doggy Parade

Yesterday my hubby and I enjoyed a movie in Dallas and grabbed a bite to eat afterward. We ate a place close to the Magnolia Theater on McKinney. There are several restaurants and great shopping in the area; and since it was such a beautiful, sunny and mild day, everyone was sitting outside.

It was Halloween which we had totally forgotten. The thing that reminded us was not the costumes of the people around us.

It was the costumes of the dogs! It seemed like everyone in the area brought their dogs to parade in a costume on McKInney.

Actually we quite enjoyed the stream of dogs in such colorful outfits.

Here is Captain Long John Silver. Notice he even has a wooden leg, and he did limp!

Here is a side view of the captain. Really I thought he should have won the blue ribbon for best costume, but then I saw this little darling.

She was cute from every angle.

This dachshund looks like wants to buck the cowboy off that is riding on his back.

The owners and spectators definitely enjoyed this more than the doggies. No tricks or treats… just a colorful doggie parade. Who would have imagined that Halloween would eventually go to the dogs?

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  1. David Katz says:

    Too bad we didn’t have Winston participate. Put a top hat on his head and a cigar in his mouth and he would have won paws down!

  2. Tara Kieschnick says:

    Where is Wayne’s costume?

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