6-0 is the new 2-9

Today is my 60th birthday. I sort of dreaded this day. I don’t know why because I do feel 29. My heart is full of expectation and joy for the days ahead. Below are 29 things I am grateful for. 

1. Jesus

2. Godly upbringing and parents

3. Access to God’s Word

4. America

5. Israel and the Jewish people for all they have given the world

6. Friends

7. Church Community

8. My husband

9. My daughter

10. America

11. Texas

12. The beauty of the Earth

13. Poetry

14. Art

15. Music

16. Chocolate

17. Chocolate

18. My homes here and abroad

19. My cat

20. My dog

21. My life’s calling

22. Health

23. The gift of reading

24. Coffee

25. A sense of humor

26. Laughter

27. Dancing

28. Prayer

29. Life everlasting…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. S. Etole says:

    Happy Birthday, Bonnie, and best wishes for the best year yet.

  2. David Katz says:

    Turning 60 doesn’t seem as bad as turning 30 does it . . . so much to be thankful for. I bet you could come up with a list of 59! Next time you are here, we can go to Max Brenner’s chocolate restaraunt in Tel Aviv port. I didn’t know you were such a chocolate fan that you would list it twice.

  3. Tara Kieschnick says:

    I agree with David…30 was traumatic! You can be my plumline for 60…I’ll observe you and learn how to handle it over the next six years, ok? Then I’ll be totally ready 🙂

    Hey, what happened to wine on this list?

  4. amy in peru says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I am SUPER grateful for many of the same things!

    amy in peru

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