These Words are Chasing me Around the Room

Life presses on around us, and we are well aware of it. Still we are trying to slow it down for these few days in Cyprus, waiting on God at our “Bethel.”

He is speaking too! And we take joy in all His words as they fall deep into our hearts.

We have had glorious days here, full of sunshine and warmth mainly. Last week almost every day but one was lovely. The weather has facilitated long, leisurely walks and mornings sitting by the sea, praying, reading, and enjoying each other.

Of course, we still spend a number of hours each day writing, editing, and corresponding with the administrative side of our office at home in the states. No matter where we are in the world all that work never stops. I am so happy for the Internet. It has freed us to travel and keep us on top of business! What a blessing.

It rained all night and has been dark and gloomy most of the morning. Only now it is starting to clear on one side of the sky, so it may become bright and sunny again for the rest of the day.

No matter. I love a day in with a slow pace and quiet atmosphere. It is so restorative to me. I remember my daughter chiding me when she was barely old enough to form sentences: “Mama, all you want is peace and quiet, peace and quiet.”

Yes, that about sums it up. I yearned for it then as a young mother, and I still yearn for it. Some are energized activity and people, noise and drama. But. Not. Me.

The quiet has allowed me to meditate on a verse of Scripture that I had not seen before. Psalm 113:5-6:

Who is like the LORD our God,
Who is enthroned on high,
Who humbles Himself to behold
The things that are in heaven and in the earth?

These words are chasing me around the room… and their meaning… Imagine that He “humbles himself to behold the things that are in the heavens and earth?” This really made me pause.

I mean, HE is the CREATOR of the heavens and earth. He spoke a word, and they flew into existence. And I will spend the rest of my earthly life marveling at His handiwork in the heavens and earth. Much more is concealed to me than is revealed about its beauty, order, and science, and I am in awe daily as I uncover the majesty of what I see here.

The extravagance of what is set before me here tells me that God is capable and longing for extravagant love and relationship with His creation.

Yet… this scripture says God humbles Himself to look upon heaven and earth. Humbles…

The only parallel I could imagine was as a mother, I guess I “humbled” myself to play dress up or have a tea party with my daughter. Not in a condescending way, but in a way that the experience was above me as an adult — to play like a child for the sake of the relationship with my child. Really it is the lifestyle of a parent with young children. And I dare say that the most successful parents are those who learn to play like children, in a humbling way, in order to capture their hearts — to connect on a deep level. One that speaks to the child in his own language of care and love.

To make it simple, God is saying that He he takes interest in the little things which are the heavens and earth that he has made. His real interest is mankind, and He has stooped low to concern Himself with our affairs. That thought is awesome.

And I should take my cues from Him. I should be concerned about the seeming “little people” in my life as well. I am remembering in most of Jane Austen’s books, she makes the point in creating her characters and plots that those who are the strongest and most loving are those who care about everyone equally, who love and are concerned about family and friends as well as paid help and those considered in a lower class.

I am thinking about Mr. Knightly in “Emma.” As a wealthy landowner, he employed many and rented his property to many. He knew them all by name, spoke with them and inquired about their needs and families. He recognized when they were in trouble and was ready to act on their behalf.

He humbled himself to be concerned about those more lowly than himself. This made him caring and compassionate and wise — a wise choice for a husband for dear Emma.

This is how God is. He deigns to concern Himself with me — for I am small in the big picture of all the things that God deals with — all that He is capable of.

I am moved and long to emulate His good nature. How I fail. How He lifts me up.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. lamarhowell says:

    I stopped to read this – with my coat on, my lunch packed, and the trash already put out on the sidewalk. I couldn’t resist the pause and peace I knew I would find here. THanks Bonnie

  2. Carol Adams says:

    I have printed this one and will take it home to meditate on, or mine the gold in that Scripture myself. Also, I think this will be our staff devotion tomorrow. Blessings on your time in Cyprus and rest, hear, rest, hear, rest.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Lamar and Carol, your comments have blessed and encouraged me today. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read and comment.

  4. Stacie says:

    the heavens and earth always bring me to praise when I stop to observe their glory and that He created them for my amazement…how perfect that it brought him pleasure first! You’re bearing good fruit from your rest woman of God!

  5. Trish Osterling says:

    I’m reading it again as I have been pondering what little I can comprehend of His character. It is beyong my ability to but put a small, pathetic scratch on the surface of who He is and His obvious love for and of His creation.

  6. Rhonda Dunigan says:

    Wonderful thoughts……..Makes you love Him more. Especially when you think of how immense the universe is and that He humbles himself to come and intervene in the affairs of His children……upon our requests………WOW. Makes me think of one of my favorite songs by Ted Pesrce where he sings, “You are holy, there is none like you. You are worthy, more than I could ever do, And Your glory, fills the universe. And yet You have considered me.” Shalom.

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