Jerusalem Jaunt

I love a trip to the Arab market and the Jewish Quarter in the Old City. We hopped on a bus and took it to the Zion Gate and then walked around and finished with a great lunch in an outdoor cafe and a coffee and big cookie in a great coffee shop overlooking the city, Panorama.

We leave this evening for Ethiopia and are excited. Then we will return to Israel for a short two weeks and back to the states.

Here’s a look at our recent jaunt around Jerusalem for your viewing pleasure…

I especially liked this. “Frank Incense.” I wonder if this aroma makes one extremely candid…

The tulip’s are out.

The poppies are out.

“The Glory of Israel Rd.”

Bus ride home…


  1. Love these photos! I’ve never been to Jerusalem, but it’s always fun getting to view a city from somebody else’s perspective. PS Those poppies are just lovely!

  2. Tom, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Wonderful. I know how much you and Kay love this place. Truly this is the City of our God!


  3. OHhhhh. I can almost smell and hear and taste! What a wonderful place. Makes me want to shop and eat and just close my eyes and take it all in! Thank you Bonnie.

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