Texas, Tornadoes, and Trips

One thing about Texas the spring weather can be crazy with cold and warm air fronts clashing and bringing strong wind storms, thunder and rain, hail, and sometimes tornadoes. I have lived here off and on since 1975 and have had to take cover — or the best cover I could — during near-by tornadoes more than once. Those minutes seem like hours and are filled with prayer and repentance. One of Juliia’s childhood friends even became a believer in the huddled family position of asking for mercy as the storm passed. In times like these there is nothing you can do but pray!

Well, last evening and night started out to be like that with hyperbole warnings from the local news stations. The gathering storm, though, thundered and clapped, grew light and dark, and spit a few drops of rain. We missed it, and I think it was more roar than bite.

But we got enough moisture to perk up the yard and the freshly planted flowers. Usually this time of year, we are still in Jerusalem with the desert as our backdrop. So this year, I am enjoying the milder weather of Texas and life in our own lentil patch at home. Soon it will become hot, the grass dry and brown, and the flowers spindly.

Petal by petal the flowers are throwing off the shroud of winter and opening their faces to the new life of spring. Our garden is coming alive.

Soon we will pack our bags again but not for work-related adventures. We will take a six-week road trip to Phoenix, up the coast of California to Redding with a stop over at Bill Johnson’s church and a marriage seminar for leaders. Then off we go to Yellowstone, Estes Park, Colorado, and Red River, New Mexico. Our board has granted us three months sabbatical to kick our heels up and have some fun for a time.

We have been working extra hard to get things done early so we won’t have to think about work. When we first returned from Jerusalem, I was far too tired to be excited about it. But now, yes, it will be fun.

I never posted Wayne’s recent birthday. We had such a great time at Javier’s in Dallas. I believe it is the best food in Dallas! And the evening was great with good friends and good conversation.

Yesterday we took a walk in a park. It was a beautiful day, Easter, and great to get outside for a time.

I decided I am going to be following this guy around for awhile. He’s fun!

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  1. Phyllis Rose Scroggins says:

    welcome back♥I spent the day yesterday with Jeff & family in Frisco♣the weather was strong winds last night,so we thought it best not to travel☼ He brought me home to Arlington this morning to see everything freshen with the rain.I felt like I was in another country looking all around at the new hiways & construction as we traveled approx.50 miles♥Blessings PS♫☺♪♦

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hey Phyllis, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Always nice to hear from you.


  3. Jerry says:

    This weather we are having now in Texas is because the Governor ask us to Pray for rain. Texas has been having problems with wild fires, already over a million acres have burned, homes, churches, and two volunteer firemen have been killed. So we are praying for rain and God is answering.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Jerry, yes, may God send rain. We need it. And I am impressed the gov called for us to pray. Few leaders call out to God in desperate times. Very impressive indeed. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always appreciate hearing from you, Jerry.

  5. cynthianurss says:

    Have a refreshing sabbatical! Your posts and pictures continue to be a highlight in my life. And blogging has become a weekly (sometimes daily) activity for me….you are my inspiration, Bonnie!

  6. paninigirl says:

    Your photos are wonderful,

  7. Tara says:

    Looking forward to perhaps some blog “postcards” on your journey 🙂 Have fun, and God bless….Westward, Ho!

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