Grand Teton


We spent the night in Jackson, WY, and we love this mountain town. Very quaint. Very mountain culture-y. Lots of  colorful, free spirits around here. Being among the mountains these last few days make my Colorado blood want to buy a piece of land on the side of a gorgeous hill and build a home. But it’s just a pipe dream…

Above photo is a Sandhill Crane, common to this area.

The deer and elk certainly blend in with their habitat. It is so hard to find them, especially in this season when the landscape is still very brown and gray from winter’s shadow.

Although, it is near the end of May, spring still has very sleepy eyes here in the Rockies. It rained all day today, and a thick, gray blanket shrouded everything.

We still enjoyed our drive through the Teton National Park, Unfortunately, the cloud covering was very low; and the Grand Teton range was hidden! Oh well, it didn’t steal our joy. There was so much to see otherwise. And it is great to enjoy the beauty and chill of snow without having to plow through it.

This is Lake Jennifer at the base of the Tetons. The foot of the mountains was the only thing visible.

The spring rains mingled with the pine tree scent made the wooded areas very aromatic.

Just as we were driving toward our hotel, we came across a group of bisons taking an afternoon nap.

More tomorrow…

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  1. S. Etole says:

    Beautiful scenery …

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