Ancient of Days!


We are enjoying Wyoming!

Today we entered Yellowstone and drove slowly for six hours through a small part of the park.  I have NEVER seen such beauty. The next thing you see is prettier and more awesome than the last. Our mouths have been gaping open for hours. We are just praising God for his creation.

My prayer was that I would get a close up photo of a bison. I mean really, really close… like I could reach out and pet it. Well, we have seen a lot in the far distance the past two days, grazing and sleeping. But suddenly today out of nowhere three bison walked up the highway in the oncoming traffic lane literally next to our car. We stopped and could have touched them, but didn’t. We were so close you can see their eyelashes in the photo!

We snapped several great shots. It was unbelievable, but believable because they were so close. It was almost eerie. I have never been so close to something so mammoth.

We also got great shots of elk.

We saw several geysers which are eerie too. I don’t know why. Everything was eerie. I am going to do some research on this area. I bet the indians held this area sacred and worshipped here. I feel they sacrificed here. I could feel how dark it was.

We also saw the canyon and the upper and lower waterfalls — no darkness there! They say this is the prettiest place in Yellowstone, and I believe it. Magnificent! We saw the Ancient of Days in the glory of His creation today, and we praised Him all day for loving us and sending Jesus.

I am crying now. Tomorrow will be Old Faithful. I am sure this will be beautiful, but nothing can beat the Ancient of Days!

I forgot the baby bison!

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  1. Julia says:

    wow! I went to yellowstone just last summer and this is exactly what i saw! looking at this just reminded me of such a different world this place is. i live in new york so to compare would be ridiculous. it’s amazing how close you can get to those bison, and it’s also amazing how they are the cause of traffic there!

  2. Ann Hunter says:

    These are amazing pictures! I can only imagine what it is to experience it in person! It is such a joy to see you and Wayne enjoying yourself so much!

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